The Institute for Budo pedagogy and therapy

The IfBP was founded by the Budo master and doctor of pedagogy Wolters, after finishing the pilot study “Kampfkunst als Therapie” (Martial arts as therapy) in Germany in 1992. The aim is to spread and to make use of martial arts for common good, in partcular, where “normal” students don’t have any contact with Budo but would severly profit from it, physical, mental, spiritual

The IfBP is borne by personalities, who are instilled with Budo and who hold so dear the support of suffering people. With a lot of passion, engagement, power, and professional expertise they advocate for the positive nature and effect of martial arts, in order to let people with special needs to take part in…

The IfBP wants to qualify as many as possible new collegues by scientifically validated training programs, to apply their own martial arts for their specific target group with the spirit of Budo as a pathway in the sense of healing arts in the context of pedagogics, therapy and coaching. The IfBP is partner of those, who wants to follow their calling to become a professional…

The IfBP is your partner,
to transform your vocation
into profession!