Leading training institute in Europe

for Budo pedagogy and Budo therapy

The German Institute for Budo pedagogy and therapy (IfBP)


International Academy for martial arts in pedagogics, therapy und coaching

and the

only official provider of the approved
program to become a Budo pedagogue.

Focus of the IfBP

Generic term for the traditional Asian martial arts as a life and character school and spirituel self-development.

Utilization of elements of the Far Eastern martial, movement and healing arts for personal development in pedagogics and coaching.

A concept, based on Asian martial, movement and healing arts, for the aimed support of healing, relief or prevention of physical, psychosomatic and mental disorders, disabilities and sufferings.

Qualification programs of the IfBP

The institute for Budo pedogogy and therapy offers the following training programs, which are usually held in German:


For the teaching of all these professions, master instructors will be qualified.

Quality assurance

In order to guarantee high quality and visible success of your projects, we offer your our professional support in two different options, as voluntary self-regulation or in a partnership. We like to share our scientific expertise and longstanding experience for the conception and conduction of Budo related measures with you, that you can implement your ideas professionally.


The IfBP organises frequently seminars for Budo and personal development. These courses are adressed to federations, associations, clubs and dojo, and their responsibles, such as teachers, coaches and sensei, and to pedagogical and therapeutical professionals and institutions.

Team building and coaching

The coaching and teaming seminar Budo-Coaching und Teaming is adressed to social and commercial enterprises, small medium and large companies, and federations, associations, clubs and dojo.

Variant 1:
One-day seminar

One-day course with presentation, group and partner work, discussions and handouts. Language: German

Variante 2:
Week-end seminar

Sa and Su, theoretical and practical excercises, group and partner work, discussions and handouts. Language: German



Our cooperation partners


BvBP – Internationaler Berufsverband der Budopädagogen u. Budopädagoginnen e.V.

Kampfkunst-Akademie des IfBP Stade

Budopädagoge / Bodotherapeut Sebastian Grams